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Conscious Connections Run Deep And Deep

and fulfill us in many ways. We love, feel loved, achieve and help others soar only when we are connected to ourselves, to our partners, children, family and team members we work with. We thrive when authentically connected to what we do and stand for.

You’re In Control. You’re Capable. This Is Your Journey

We are Bolor Lorinet and Cornelia Dahinten - committed to walking with you towards conscious connections, irrespective of your starting point. You can chat to us to see how we can support you.

Together, we'll find stability that feels right for you - conflict, fear, baggages on one hand and strength, determination and courage on the other. We work with facts and feelings - leaving hard-baked rules, dogmas and judgments out.

We Can Help

Bolor loves working with teenagers, individuals and couples. Her relationship focused work creates a safe space to shift and build resilience in times of challenge and change.

Cornelia’s work is also relationship and attachment focused, she has been working with clients in cross cultural relationships, people who are part of growing expat communities in global cities. Others are new parents – balancing their memories, hopes and expectations – and trying to chart their way forward. Attachment patterns are the basis of any relationship, here lies the key to shift. She is exploring with you, following the red string, how to make that shift.

Within corporate organizations, we coach teams to find a working rhythm that is efficient and satisfying. Our work involves coaching people on how to communicate in a professional context and work together to everyone’s strengths.

We offer conscious parenting workshops on raising children from newborn to the teenage years.

Conscious Parenting is a medley of discovering your goals as a parent, psychology, brain development knowledge and hands on parenting tools to come up with what is best for your individual family.

Services we offer


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Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, China, India, the U.S. – We work with clients in over 30 countries. This means that We both easily relate but more significantly, we can help people see the nuances, importance and impact of the cultural backdrop their live in.

We both have a global background and can connect to an intercultural and international experience.

What Our Clients Say

From our first conversation, Cornelia focused on what I was doing right as a mom. Her confidence in that was so real I couldn't help but believe it, too. Over the course of our time together, I became more and more the person she thought I could be -- calmer, more loving and more in control. Cornelia, I thank you, and my children thank you!

Mary McIlroy

Cornelia is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and highly pragmatic! She offers a view of your situation quickly grasping the red string and helps you to bring your vision to life. I am very grateful to have worked with her.

Peter Graf

Our marriage was a battle field, none of us could be who we wanted to be. By understanding that we have connected on a downward spiral, we learned how to be friends again. We cannot thank you enough Cornelia.

Helen and Rupert

I have learned life changing skills that I use every day with my family of 3 children. I absolutely loved my time with Cornelia. She is wise, helpful, non-judgmental, practical and a joy to be around. My husband and I could not recommend working with her enough. She is a complete rockstar when it comes to understanding children and family dynamics. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. I am jealous of all her future clients.

Catherine Maple-Brown

Thank you Cornelia for your expertise and clarity. As ever, a consult with you has made me feeling much better about the next steps. Working with you has helped me enormously!

Anna Willingham

Thank you Cornelia for a very useful and thought provoking session.

Sam Carpenter

We are finally living the relationship we wanted to. Cornelia was a massive support to achieve this. Her tools are with us every day! We think everyone should work with her compulsorily.

Anna and Davide Ferrari

I always thought I have to do it all alone! Thank you so much for showing me that there is support, that I could heal and that there are ways to feel better. I always felt safe, never judged. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Cornelia has a deep rooted passion for understanding what makes people tick. She has the ability to cut through the masks and double think we create for ourselves as coping mechanisms. There is a lightness to her which doesn't undermine the seriousness with which she takes the troubles and pain of her clients.
She is able to use a range of techniques to enable the client to safely talk about or revisit times of harm to bring them to a place of strength, self awareness and healing. In contrast with many talking therapies, which stop at self awareness, and can often leave the client in a place of perpetual overthinking, Cornelia focuses on healing feelings as well as creating robust mental coping strategies. She is no nonsense and brings a kindness to sessions which I find myself taking on, and applying to myself in my daily life.

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